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Case Studies

As the largest retail operator in the UK, the Post Office has a vast network of branches. To give you an idea of what running a Post Office branch is like and how the Post Office can benefit an existing business, take a look at the case studies featuring existing postmasters below.

Blaenavon Local branch, south Wales

‘Introducing Post Office services to their arts and crafts shop has transformed business for Nick and Wendy Horler.’

Postmaster Wendy Horler

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Drury Local branch, Buckley, Flintshire

‘It's a great opportunity to increase your customer footfall and retail.’

Postmaster Deborah Wainwright

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Elmer Beach Local branch, Bognor Regis, West Sussex

‘Moving the Post Office to my retail store has dramatically increased my footfall.’

Postmaster Harshad Patel

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Clydebank and West End Main branches, Glasgow

‘Since November 2014, I have run two Post Office Main branches that are six miles apart.’

Postmaster Ryan Marwaha

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Caerwent Community branch, Newport, Monmouthshire

‘We are the only shop in a village where many people don't even have a car, so we provide vital services and groceries for local residents.’

Postmaster Sarah Woodfield

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