Post Office Business Opportunities - Application process
Find the right business opportunity with the Post Office

The application process

It can take between seven months to a year from the moment your application is submitted to your brand new branch opening its doors to customers. The application process involves numerous checks and you will be required to submit a comprehensive business plan via our website and present your plans to a member of our network application team.

Research and register your interest in a
Post Office branch

  • Register your interest and proposed premise details for a branch

Formal application and first interview
  • If you meet the criteria for the branch, Post Office will arrange a first meeting with you
  • If you are successful after the interview, our recruitment team will send you a link for you to complete your formal application, and submit your business plan via our online portal
  • You will need to complete your application within seven days of receiving the link
  • You will need to submit your detailed business plan and scanned copies of your evidence within 28 days of receiving the link

Assessment and interview

  • Your business plan and evidence will be assessed
  • For the second stage interview you will need to prepare for a presentation about your proposed Post Office business
  • After the interview, if you are successfully appointed as a postmaster, you will receive a contract in the mail

Site consultation

  • In circumstances where we are relocating an existing Post Office branch in to your premises, the proposed move will require a public consultation
  • Once the decision has been approved to move the branch, there will be a series of meetings to plan and design the new Post Office branch layout or the transformation of an existing Post Office branch

Installing your new branch and open for business

  • The physical works to the branch take an estimated 1-2 weeks
  • There are a series of training and engagement programmes for you and your staff members
  • Once all of this is complete, your new branch will be ready and open for business