Post Office Business Opportunities - Become a postmaster
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What makes a great postmaster?

Becoming a postmaster isn't for everyone, and we don't award Post Office branches to just anyone either. Modern postmasters are entrepreneurs with a strong community purpose. The most successful postmasters integrate Post Office branches into vibrant retail environments and regularly engage with their local community.

Essential skills for a postmaster

  • Ability for hiring and training great team members for your branch
  • Ability to communicate effectively and easily with your branch team and customers
  • Talent for motivating and managing your branch team to ensure excellent customer service for all customers
  • Strong conversational skills, actively listening and responding to customers' needs
  • Quick to identify potential business opportunities and keen to implement innovative ways of working to promote Post Office products within your business.

Running a Post Office

Managing a Post Office creates a unique position for you and your business within the community. We're proud of our long and trusted history and that Post Office branches are often the centre of communities.

Post Office branches today are more than just postage and parcel receivers; they are trusted financial services providers, Bureau de Change, phone and broadband providers. They act as the front office of government and provide essential services to their communities.

Running a Post Office means you will need to commit to:

  • Regular training updates for yourself and your team, to meet compliance regulations
  • Efficiently managing your own business with additional support from the Post Office
  • Being financially responsible for the success of your branch
  • Hiring and training your own branch team
  • Confidently selling financial services products to customers.