Post Office Business Opportunities - FAQs
Find the right business opportunity with the Post Office
Fees and investment:
  • How much is the initial investment?
  • How much money would I make?
  • Does Post Office Ltd offer any financial assistance?
  • Do I need to find my own property?
  • Can I set up a Post Office in my own property?
  • What areas are available?
Becoming a postmaster:
  • Can I apply as a partnership?
  • What if you are a Company making an application?
  • What are the taxation implications?
  • What experience do I need?
  • Can I have more than one Post Office?
  • Will I have to work in the business full time or can I have a manager to look after my Post Office?
  • Will I be able to sell my business in the future?
  • If accepted as a postmaster how long would it take to open the Post Office in my store?