Post Office Business Opportunities - Testimonials
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As the largest retail operator in the UK, the Post Office has a vast network of branches. To give you an idea of what running a Post Office branch is like and how the Post Office can benefit an existing business, take a look at the testimonials featuring existing postmasters below.

We’re getting an extra 1,000 customers a month since introducing Post Office services, which has increased turnover by 10 per cent.
We’re now seeing more new faces using the counter, and these people are also picking up baskets when they come in. Our basket spend is up by around 50p to £6 since we introduced the Post Office.

Postmaster Joe Williams, Hook Norton Post Office, Oxfordshire

We took on the garden centre and knocked down the old shop and opened a 100sq ft restaurant, farm shop and Post Office branch.
People call it the hub of the village now. They do everything, from meeting friends to doing their grocery shop here. This is an outing for our customers now, and people are spending a few hours here, rather than minutes.

We’re open seven days a week, so it’s incredibly convenient. People can come on a weekend, and a Sunday in particular is really popular for them.

Postmaster Michelle and James Evans, Bergh Apton Post Office, Norfolk

As ZCO we are currently operating a number of Main Post Office branches, which include a range of retail offers depending on location; we are delighted with the way business can grow, with the two offers complementing each other.
A Post Office means you become a destination of choice, and we are looking to increase our estate when opportunities arise.

Postmaster Tan Musa ZCO Ltd, operator of multiple Post Offices

Since taking over the Post Office in 2015 I’ve seen my business grow. That is thanks in part to having Post Office services on-site where customers can get their cash, send and collect their mail and do their banking.
I know how important these services are to local residents so it’s put my business at the heart of the local community. Footfall has grown since I took over, and about 1,500 customers a week use the Post Office and most of them will also buy petrol or something in the store.

It all adds up. I only needed to make space at the retail tills to run a Post Office Local. There was some upheaval, but it was worth it.

Postmaster Chris Wardle, Norton in the Moors Post Office, Staffordshire

Our pharmacy’s counter trade is up by 15%, and prescriptions are up 10%, since we opened our Post Office two years ago. The sales and extra footfall help us maintain stable overall income despite NHS remuneration cuts.

Postmaster Chandrakant Patel, Murray Grove Post Office, London